About Us

We are a highly reputable closeout grocery merchant that buys and sells almost anything found in a supermarket.

We specialize in handling inventory imbalances, closeouts, packaging changes, close-dated product, factory seconds and trial run products.

Over the past forty years we have built a solid reputation with many of the nation's leading producers.

Here are some of the reasons that have allowed us to have a solid relationship:

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We provide quick, effective and efficient answers to their product problems.

We move a tremendous amount of their product through our retail outlets quietly and discretely. This enables the producer to move out problem product without having it resurface later and disrupting its normal channels of distribution.

We honor all suppliers’ demands concerning the marketing of their product.

We carefully display their product in our neat and clean conventional stores.

We pay as high a price as possible to minimize the producers’ loss, as long as we can pass on significant savings to our customers.

We reply promptly to all offers from producers and always pay as agreed.

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